Barbara Bush: 
"Mrs. 'V' ran the Blair House like a 5-star hotel - or a 6-star hotel if there is such a thing.  We were always proud to host heads of state there. I was so worried when we used the Blair House during the transition between the Vice President's House and the White House...our young, wild grand-children among all the beautiful antiques, porcelains and crystal. Mrs. 'V' never flinched, and she made our stay a cozy and warm experience."

James. A, Baker III
"In her unique fashion, the charming Mrs. 'V' was an effective practitioner of American diplomacy when she brilliantly operated the Blair House like a 5-star hotel. he treated the strange bedfellows of international politics - friends and foes alike - as if each were the most Important person in the world.  Her graciousness and elegance made kings and queens, presidents and first ladies, and other foreign dignitaries always feel respected, comfortable and cared for during their stays in Washington."

Gov. Bill Richardson, New Mexico
"Benedicte Valentiner  - master hostess, VIP babysitter, an and organizer par excellence - has written a book that takes us into the best secrets of the lifestyles of the rich and famous - in this case Presidents and Heads of State staying at Blair House, about to meet American Presidents and our nation's leaders. It is a lively, dynamic read by a grande dame of American protocol diplomacy."

Warren Sloat, Author and Historian

"Historians could spend years searching through letters and archives for the up-close-and-personal material at the fingertips of readers of Benedicte Valentiner's book.  The all-seeing manager turned author dishes out a revealing, amusing, and valuable account of how world leaders behaved and misbehaved at America's bed and breakfast.'